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How often do we use the words “I can’t” in our everyday lives as we’re called upon to meet a crisis large or small? For most of us, probably more times than we would like to…

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November 4th, 2011: Calling all women . . . I would like your help with my new project!


This is a unique opportunity to share your private hell with the world!

Now that I have submitted my 3rd book to the publisher, I started writing a new one.  It is called “Have You Seen My Slippers?” (© Mary Beth Egeling 2011). It will be a collection of humorous, incredulous occurrences that have happened to us in our relationships with men.  It will be an unscientific anthology which highlights the profound differences between the sexes . . . it will be fun!

If you would like to be part of this project, I am looking for you to offer one story about any relationship you were in, with any man; if you need an example, email me and I will send you the first chapter to look at.  It should be a sketch about something that caused you to tolerate them in spite of who they genetically and evolutionarily are.  Yes, these could be clueless moments, but do not limit yourself!  How about a time when the male spotlighted was unaware, non-present, apathetic, uncompromising, disconnected, irresponsible, selfish, and self-centered or had their priorities misplaced, etc.?  The man could be a son, a father, a husband, a partner, a boyfriend, a fiancé, a co-worker, a boss, an employee, or even an acquaintance . . . any man who is/was in any type of relationship with you.

No contempt.  No malice.  No ill-will.  I will not accept stories that are told to get back at someone or make them look bad to everyone who might read this book.  You have to, at least the time of the incident, have loved, liked or been in some type of connected relationship with the man who provided the story for retelling. Some sort of mutual respect, care, connection or admiration is also helpful.  This work will…